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Complete Pest Solutions; pride ourselves, in helping neighborhood homeowners preserve the American Dream by practicing responsible pest control.

Complete Pest Solutions recommend non-chemical means to avoid and reduce infestations. It’s easy and effective suggestions, like where to stack your firewood, how to store your food and where to seal entry points.  And we respect the fact that there are certain pests we shouldn’t control beneficial insects that contribute to a balanced ecosystem such as honeybees.
While our regular services remain environmentally responsible, we offer Premium Green as an advanced green option.



Premium Green



Our Premium Green program is a holistic approach to pest control that integrates inspections and exclusion services with the judicious application of “green” products.  This integrated approach involves a series of evaluations, decisions and controls.  Priority is always given to low impact, non-chemical and the leastdisruptive solution.      





Premium Green products are carefully selected based on impact and effectiveness.  For example, we use a revolutionary line of botanically derived pest control products made of essential oils such as clove, peppermint, rosemary and thyme.  These products are based on the natural defenses plants use to combat insects and are extremely effective. Complete Pest Solutions green termite solution is the Termite Monitoring Bait Staions System.


Natural Pest Control


*By illuminating sources of water and shelter, you can naturally deter pests from entering your home*




v  Keep food preparation, consumption & storage areas clean. Avoid leaving food out. Store food in sealed containers.

v  Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink/dishwasher overnight.

v  Rinse your cans/bottles before recycling.

v  Dispose of dead or dying plants/flowers

v  Clean spills promptly

v  Empty and wash your pets dishes daily

v  Put your garbage/compost in containers with lids




   v  Find and remove any source of high humidity or standing water in the kitchen, bathroom or any concealed spaces.

   v  Repair leaking pipes or faucets.






v  Seal any holes in the walls.

v  Remove clutter that can provide a nesting ground for pests.

v  Clean your home thoroughly and frequently.


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